Mmogo Method – Communicating without words


22 March 2019


At the Children’s Garden we have been practicing the art of reverence and mindfulness for a long  time. It is in the rituals of meal times where the children help set the table with real crockery, table clothes and adorn the tables with fresh flowers, it is in the quiet space of nature as they collect acorns and spend a dreamy moment under a tree, it is the book corner where time stands still as the children step into new worlds and connect with their own. In Africa where there are many cultures and languages, researchers have developed the Mmogo method. This method shows the inner emotional experience which can be explained without the need for words. It is a deeper symbolic interaction that invests a depth, respect and empathetic understanding to the humanity of the child. 

Three simple resources are provided ( clay, sticks and beads) and a simple question provided. I asked the children what makes them happy at The Children’s Garden.  


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